My Summer Garden

Summers used to be our busiest season but our summer garden was always neglected and sparse, dying in a few weeks. Years ago I had a large, beautiful garden. Gardening was my way of relaxing but after a while I just didn’t have the time to care for it. Covid 19 has changed many thing but mostly I think anyone can relate to having more time at home. I am finding myself in my garden a lot enjoying this new/old hobby. I have added many new plants and the ones that usually return every year are enjoying all the extra attention and nutrients that I have since added. The garden is still a pretty manageable size and with the help of my four year old grandson who has been by to help pick and water the tomatoes and peppers every few days it’s certainly flourishing. I must say it looks like he might like gardening a much as I do. Isn’t it amazing to pick pretty flowers from your own yard and grow food that you actually get to eat?

Happy Gardening!

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