Abstract Thoughts

With abstract photography you either love it or hate it, there are no rules. Abstract is how the viewer interprets the art and because everyone’s taste is not the same sometimes it can be intimidating to try to create it. I used to have a folder for all my abstract photography which I named “random” because they just didn’t fit anywhere. This was in my earlier photographic period and because I always had a camera in hand shooting with an objective whenever I came across something abstract, I would take a picture and just drop it in this folder. I wasn’t sure if I would ever have a use for it but I couldn’t help myself from doing it.

As time went by I began to notice that this folder was growing and appealing to me for reasons I could not understand and so I decided to try different compositions of everyday objects like these forks below in order to move on to something else. The thing is though that as soon as I finished I thought about more ways to make more abstract art and even today I am here still doing it. I took these images a few years ago from my first go at it. Hope you guys enjoy!

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